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Financial Literacy Month Series: Money and Education

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Focusing and Doing Well at School

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It is important to be able to focus on instructions and tasks at school, in order to do well. But we all know that focus can be very difficult!

The brain, which is in charge of focus, needs healthy food in order to pay attention. It is not easy to afford healthy food on a low income. We talked about this in the Physical Health blog. Feeling hungry is also very distracting and makes it difficult to focus at school.

Being worried about finances (remember, this is another word we can use to talk about money) is also very distracting and makes it harder to focus at school. Our brains need rest and sleep to help us do well at school. If you become so worried that you can’t sleep, it is much harder to complete tasks or even pay attention to what the teacher is telling you.

I need to study for this test, but I keep worrying about my rent bill. It’s so hard to focus!

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