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Financial Literacy Month Series: Money and Education

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Being Involved at School

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Being involved at school is an important part of having a good school experience. Finances can affect our involvement.

Your school might have interesting activities outside of normal school hours. This includes game clubs, sports, drama clubs, homework help and more. It might be difficult to be a part of these programs if you take a bus and can’t walk home from school. The costs of transportation can cause a lot of financial stress or it might be the reason why you can’t go to the activity.

It’s important to speak up in class, but many of us don’t feel confident enough. 

  • Finances can affect our confidence
  • We might feel like our clothes aren’t good enough, or maybe our neighborhood isn’t very fancy
  • If this makes us different from other students, we can start to feel embarrassed about ourselves
  • We might avoid asking or answering questions

I don’t want my classmates to notice that I’m different because I have less money. If I don’t answer any questions, maybe they won’t notice me.

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