Financial Literacy Month Series: Money and Education

Thinking About Education

There is more than one way to get an education. If you haven’t completed high school, there are different programs that can help you get your diploma.

  • At PELC, we help adult students with many different skills, including reading, writing and numbers, and can help you get a high school diploma
  • Loyola Learning Centres and Quinte Adult Ed in Picton, Belleville and Trenton also help adult students get a high school diploma

If you have a teacher or school counselor that you trust, try to talk to them about your financial situation. There might be school programs that can help. Here are a few examples of the support you can receive if you go to Public or Catholic school.

Public School (Hastings and Prince Edward Learning Foundation)

  • Student Nutrition Programs – daily nutritious meals to help students learn
  • Student Emergency Fund – financial help for student emergencies
  • Len & Olive Black Memorial Fund – financial help with course materials or application fees for education after high school
  • There are other programs that could help you

Catholic School (Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic Education Foundation)

  • The foundation helps students and families who need financial assistance
  • They can help with urgent, unexpected needs like food, clothes, transportation, medical supplies, and eyeglasses
  • Families can talk to the school Principal to learn more

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