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Financial Literacy Month Series: Money and Our Mental Health

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Our Homes and Where We Live

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Many of us spend money on housing. We might rent a room or an apartment. Some of us want to buy a home. In the County, there aren’t many options that are affordable.

I may have to move out of the County because I can’t find a place that I can afford!  I’m sad because I want to live here!  Why aren’t there places for people like me?

Without enough money for housing, you might…

  • Have to move a lot
  • Fall behind on rental payments and be asked to leave
  • Need to stay at different peoples houses, because you cannot afford to live in one place (This is called couch surfing)

These changes are very stressful and are not good for our mental health. In PEC, some people are homeless. They don’t have enough money for rent, and don’t have anyone to stay with.  In bigger cities, like Kingston or Toronto, there are many homeless people.

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