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Financial Literacy Month Series: Money and Our Mental Health

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Tips for Money Stress

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  • Use a budget! Budgets help us keep track of how much money we get, and how much we spend. This means we will be less confused about our money and can make good plans and decisions. You can make an appointment to learn about making budgets at Prince Edward Learning Centre (PELC).  You can watch this budgeting video on PELC’s Facebook page!
    • 27% of Canadians created a budget to help lower their financial stress.
  • Make useful Goals! When we make plans for our money, we want them to be as realistic as possible. That way we are more likely to be successful! Here is a great example of how to create goals that work!
  • Celebrate when you succeed! Even if you still have money problems, make sure to celebrate each time you reach a smaller goal. Take it one step at a time. Your money problems don’t need to go away all at once!
  • Be kind to yourself when things don’t work out. If your plans don’t work out, that’s okay. You can think about what didn’t work and try again. You may need support from someone else to succeed.

Here are some thoughts from one of our awesome volunteers!

My financial state impacts my sleeping patterns and the way I feel in general. Recently I moved out and am taking care of my own bills and learning a lot about finances. I recently helped a loved one in another country, financially. This has made me think more about my financial state, now and in the near future, because the money will not be returned to me. Now I am planning and budgeting so that I can be in a better financial position sooner rather than later.

Shocy Jones: PELC Volunteer

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