1. Upgrade Literacy & Essential Skills

  • Improve numeracy, reading comprehension, and writing skills

Support for Grade 10 Prior Learning Assessment Recognition (PLAR) & Literacy Course

  • PELC can help you prepare to write your Grade 10 PLAR exams and to meet literacy requirements with a local school board
  • You can earn up to 16 junior credits by writing 4 tests (English, Geography/History, Math, Science)


2. Finish High School

We will help you:

  • get your transcript,
  • have your resume and transcript assessed for credit,
  • determine credits needed to complete the OSSD,
  • choose a completion plan that may include PLAR (Prior Learning Recognition and Assessment), correspondence, e-learning, equivalent credits, or the co-op program,
  • investigate if the GED is right for you, and
  • review community options, such as, Quinte Adult Education or Loyola School of Continuing Education.


3. Prepare for, or write, the GED

  • GED (General Equivalency Diploma) materials are provided along with instruction


4. Prepare for Work or a Career

We offer specific programs or curricula to help you investigate the work world and upgrade your skills:

  • Moving Forward Program (30 years of age and older);
  • Employment Preparation Programs (ages 18 to 30);
  • Technology in the Workplace; and
  • Job specific training courses: Retail, Landscaping, Clerical, Skilled Trades, Call Centre and Personal Support Worker
  • Focus on the skills you need to prepare for your employment entrance test in, for example, manufacturing, military or police.


5. Prepare for College

We can help

  • improve your skills to prepare for a specific course
  • determine the skills you need for your program
  • refresh your research and writing skills
  • improve your math skills to the level required for your program
  • earn secondary credits through PELC’s Moving Forward and Employment Preparation Programs (see above)
  • provide computer and high speed wi-fi access to complete ACE online program or college or university distance education courses


6. Apprentice & Training

  • upgrade your skills
  • prepare for training entrance tests
  • prepare to write your Certificate of Qualification


7. Personal Independence

PELC can help you develop the skills needed for day to day activities including:

  • Health literacy
  • Financial literacy
  • Driver’s licence test preparation