About Us

Prince Edward Learning Centre is dedicated to helping adult learners acquire the skills needed to achieve their personal learning and employment goals.
Join us for training and academic upgrading that:
• provides ongoing assessment,
• is self-paced,
• recognizes your learning style,
• is supported by helpful, experienced instructors,
• uses traditional and digital learning strategies, and
• provides referrals to other agencies for your next step.

We are funded by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development as one of over 300 Literacy and Basic Skills Programs across Ontario. We also offer a project to support employment that is funded through Service Canada.


Our Staff

KathyKathy Kennedy – Executive Director
Kathy’s job is to oversee the organization and make sure that everything is running smoothly, and that we are following our mandate. She also ensures we are following the direction of the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development (MAESD), since they are our primary funder. When someone new comes through our doors, Kathy is usually the one who meets with them first and helps to point them in the right direction (GED, prep class, Loyola, Quinte Adult Education). She helps with evaluations and assessments, and can connect people to services such as income support and mental health.



ChristineChristine Chapman – Executive Assistant/Computer Instructor
Christine’s job is quite varied. She is the person who does a lot of the paperwork, especially the government compliance and filing. She takes care of the financial side of the organization. She helps people do their taxes, complete the Ontario Electricity Support Program application, teaches computer courses and is a great resource for help of any kind.




Lori FarringtonClassroom Instructor
Lori is the main classroom instructor. She works with people to help them reach their goals. She also does fundraising, marketing, and event planning. She maintains the blog and Facebook page. In the past, Lori has done a bit of everything at PELC. She has written curriculum, taught in the wood shop, and taught computers.


Jennifer Nelson Project Coordinator and LBS Instructor 
Jennifer is the coordinator of our Inspire program.  Inspire is a youth employment and education program that provides paid internships to youth 15 – 30 in the community.  If you think you could benefit from this program either as a participant or an employer, please contact Jennifer at PELC.  Jennifer also brings previous LBS experience with her.  She was an instructor at Community Learning Alternatives in Belleville.


Our Board of Directors 2018/2019

Prince Edward Learning Centre is governed by a non-profit, community based board of directors. These dedicated volunteers meet monthly to review the work of the organization, to make sure we are being true to our mission and vision and to ensure we are being fiscally responsible.

David Kellar

President Elect
Jane Macdonald

Paul Beatty

Wendy Edmunds

Members at Large
Maureen Adams
Alan Chewinski
Don Mayne
Cindy Ostrander

Our Students

Our students are looking to further their education, training or self-reliance. All of the learners are at a point in their lives where they want help with literacy skills, and setting and achieving goals.