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Financial Empowerment presentation in the Gazette

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Photo of PELC Executive Director Kathy Kennedy presenting to Council
PELC Executive Director Kathy Kennedy presents to PEC Council on Jan. 24, 2023

PELC Executive Director Kathy Kennedy recently gave a deputation to Prince Edward County Council about the Financial Empowerment program at the Learning Centre. The program helps residents navigate what benefits they qualify for, such as energy rebates, access community supports, and free tax filing services for people with modest incomes.

“The combined effects of Covid, changing demographics, inflation, and interest rates show us 60 per cent of people using our services do not feel their housing is affordable or secure and 87 per cent of people attending the program do not regularly have enough to eat,” Kennedy told Council at its Jan. 24 meeting.

Financial empowerment services at PELC translate to significant benefits in the community, Sarah Williams reported in the Picton Gazette.

“Overall financial impact of the program in this community is over 3 million per year,” stated Kennedy. “Just the ability to file taxes for free has put $48,000 back in the pockets of low-income people for other purchases.”

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